About Me

about me

My name is Jade Westley and I have been living in Boston since I moved here in 2012.

As a ghost-writer, I’ve lost count on the number of books I have written. You probably have read some of them too, but inevitably tricked into believing the name on the cover was the real author of that book.

After many years of writing as an invisible author, I decided to move on to this blog where I will share with my readers many tips on how to write a good book.

More importantly, there are so many books in the market that are really good stuffs but not given enough attention that they deserve. Hence I will be making use of this channel to introduce them to my most well-deserving readers.

Besides writing for capitalists (and my living), I am a single mom who devotes all of my time on my boy Damien, and a fat and furry chinchilla Pocky.

Damien is now 2 year old, and is beginning to converse in full sentences. While I see he is trying to act like an adult in his own ways, there are so many things that I can teach him at home every day during this covid pandemic period.

Being a writer and a single mom is not easy because there are literally 101 things to do with a kid at home, and only about an hour every night for my creative corner.

But this is also something I thank god for – to be able to spend time with my loved one while doing what I enjoy for a living. Life is simple but a bliss.

Don’t ask me why but my favorite book at the moment is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Maybe this is a season when I am more emotionally inclined to read books about family and relationships.

But hey, this is a good book alright. I will definitely write a review on it sometime soon, I promise.

It’s 2am now, and we got to wake up at 7 for Damien’s home learning in the morning. So I’m gonna leave things here and head for the sacks.

Do stay tuned for more exciting content that I plan to put up in this space!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this blog, please email me at contact@jadewestauthor.com

Signing off,


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